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The Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch embodies the importance of solidarity and unity between movements and their respective communities. Our organization grew through voluntary action, and we anticipate expanding further together as a Federation of committed branches. When we speak as one voice, we are a stronger force, allowing us to accomplish our mission of safety, security, and wellness for the people of our townships. 

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About Us

The foundation of our organization has always been positioning ourselves in the neighborhood and keeping residents informed of community occurrences. Being situated in crime-ridden townships has furthered our belief that knowledge is power, and that bringing awareness of our surroundings is the best way to empower one’s community. One of the most important factors behind the establishment of the Neighborhood Watch was the high crime rate that hindered business growth and development in the community/township of Gugulethu. It is our desire to further a different narrative, to showcase the resilience of our citizens, both within and beyond our community, by actively preventing crime. If we can succeed in this mission, we will have a safer environment that attracts more tourism and fosters meaningful community development.


The Neighborhood Watch members receive no monetary compensation for their time. In efforts to help members of the community, they make themselves very vulnerable, whether this be with the law enforcement or the respective dangers present within their communities. Neighborhood Watch volunteers have been arrested, threatened, and physically harmed. This is what we face to protect our communities. This is our story, and we would greatly appreciate your support of our efforts.

"Neighborhood watch is making an impact in the lives of the community”
“We don’t have protective clothing we don’t have guns or anything to protect us, we are just us”
 "We always wanted to tell a different story about our community...that we are fighting crime"
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Our History

Neighborhood Watch was founded in the Gugulethu and Nyanga townships by a group of residents concerned about a rise in violence and crime in the area. 


Beginning in 2014, community members volunteered their time to patrol the streets and safeguard their homes. As residents witnessed the results of the Neighborhood Watch firsthand, more groups began to form. By 2016, a number of these groups came together to create a forum, known as the Igunya Neighborhood Watch Groups Federation. The forum was formally established in 2019 with the intention of efficiently addressing the needs of Neighborhood Watch groups and their volunteers. The goals of our forum are gaining local and provincial government recognition, distributing resources appropriately amongst NW groups. The forum works to create awareness of the needs and struggles of members while also empowering the general public by educating them about the great volunteer work occurring in Gugulethu and Nyanga. 


In more recent years, the individual Neighborhood Watch groups have made great strides in numbers and diversity. While the Neighborhood Watch has historically been male dominated, more women have joined the force in an effort to protect their households and community. Women are playing instrumental roles in preventing crime in the Gugulethu and Nyanga townships.

What's Next

We envision creating a cohesive organization with a team of leaders. This community of leaders will provide training to others to ensure the organization remains strong and united. Leadership training will also open more opportunities for employment for the neighborhood watch members.

As of right now, between 70-80% of the neighborhood watch groups are in our federation. We would like to reach 100% to create a stronger voice and solidarity in the community of Gugulethu and Nyanga. 

The Neighborhood Watch hopes to collaborate with the schools in the area to foster a safer environment for children coming and going to school

In collaboration with government officials, we wish to provide our members with a matrics certification which will allow members to pursue careers in law enforcement. Additionally, we hope to provide technological training to strengthen our outreach

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