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Our organization is volunteer-based with many of our resources provided by generous donors. Currently, we find ourselves in need of more work boots and raincoats, as well as equipment like flashlights and walkie-talkies to allow for swift communication between members. We are also looking to purchase storage containers for office space. These would provide a safe place for our members and the community to meet, make reports and a secure place to find help if needed.

If you feel you are able to help us, please donate. Every rand helps!

Past Donation Projects

Neighborhood Watch groups work closely with a local non-profit in Gugulethu, the Movement for Change and Social Justice (MCSJ), to meet their goals of improving the health and safety of the community. 

With the assistance of MCSJ, past donations to Neighborhood Watch have allowed the group to provide bikes for members. These bikes help members patrol the area and more easily get around, as they may need to travel quickly from place to place to offer support in more dangerous areas. 


As they receive more donations of bikes, the Igunya Neighborhood Watch Groups Federation coordinates which groups are most in need of the bikes. The forum has also deputized an individual to do bike repairs. Whenever a bike needs repairs, Sbu works tirelessly to fix them and get them back to members. The photograph with the red pillars was taken during a No Looting Campaign in July 2021 when the country was facing a looting spree. The bikes allowed the Neighborhood Watch to quickly mobilize and take it upon themselves to safeguard Gugulethu Mall from any possible thieves.

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